Questions about your first massage?



What can I expect when I come in to the massage studio for the first time?

Your massage treatment takes place in fully equipped studio - here you can take a look at its interior. Before you begin your first treatment I will ask you a few questions about your health condition. After this you can undress behind the folding screen (please remove all jewellery). Then you get up on the table and lie face down, covering yourself with a towel.


During the full body massage you are undressed and partially covered with a towel, only the area being worked on are exposed. Private areas of your body remain covered at all times (breasts and genitals are not touched). You can also keep your underwear on - it depends on your preference.


After making sure you are prepared, I start to carry out the treatment. I use fingertips, hands and forearms to perform various massage techniques: gliding, kneading, friction, shaking and circular motions, long strokes, vibration and percussion. Here you can take a look at massage therapist at work. Massage is normally carried out in silence, but please do not hesitate to communicate, if there is anything uncomfortable for you - it is vital to keep a good communication to avoid unnecessary frustration. You can tell me when you want lighter or heavier pressure or, if there is a particular area over which you want me to be focused. You can also tell me, if there are any areas you would not like to be massaged. Remember to keep your mind relaxed. Some of customers tend to fall asleep during massage and it's completely normal when people are in state of deep relaxation. That's way you shouldn't worry about this.


After finishing the treatment, you can lie relaxed on the massage table for a few minutes. I remove excess oil with a cotton towel and paper towel. Then you sit up on the table and slowly stand up - please take your time.  After massage you can be sleepy, that's why I advise to take a walk before you will start to drive. You should also drink lots of fluid throughout the day to help flush out the toxins and avoid dehydration - during massage, toxins were pushed out of your muscles and released into your bloodstream.


Please visit my gallery to take a look at relaxing back massage video.

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Hot Stones massage. Ashford.

How should I prepare myself for a massage session?

When booking your massage treatment, I advise to choose a time frame when you don’t have anything important planned before or after your appointment. In order to get the most out of your massage, the best way to prepare yourself is to get in a state of relaxation ahead of time. Prepare your body with a bath or shower, don't eat heavy meal and don't drink alcohol just before your appointment. Remember to dress simple and comfortably. You are always welcome to bring your own music on CD or pendrive.


What are the contraindications to massage therapy?

Total contraindications are: fever, contagious diseases, consumed drugs or alcohol, recent operations or acute injuries, neuritis and skin diseases. If you have any of the following conditions, I won't be able to carry out massage, so please do not book an appointment.


Loocal contraindications: bruisings, cuts, sunburn, vericose vains, abrasions, inflammations (including arthritis) and pregnancy in the first trimester. In these cases I can perform massage leaving any affected areas.


If you suffer from: e.g. high blood pressure, heart problems cardio-vascular conditions, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, undiagnosed lumps and bumps etc., you may need to get written permission from your GP for me to give massage.