Benefit from my massage therapy


What are the benefits of massage?

Relaxation is the most perceptible and instant effect,

but there are many other health benefits

of this treatment. Swedish massage therapy has

positive influence on:


  • improves your muscles' flexibility

and range of their motion;

  • relaxes tight, tired, overused and aching muscles

and alleviates back aches and pains

  • helps athletes to build strong healthy muscles and

achieve maximum efficiency of muscles

  • reduce formation of scar tissue created

in places of microscopic tears

  • removes waist products from muscles

  • reduces cramps

cardio-vascular system:

  • lowers high blood pressure

  • improves blood circulation - improved flow of nutrients and oxygen around the body

skeletal system:

  • improves posture - relaxed muscles

  • relieves stiff joints

  • increases circulation of blood and oxygen to the bones

respiratory system:

  • encourages deeper, more relaxed breathing and gaseous exchange

  • relaxes muscles responsible for expanding the lungs to cause inspiration

  • enhances sleep quality - you can help your body to heal itself quicker

lymphatic system:

  • improves lymph flow and remove of toxic waste from your body cells

nervous system:

  • stimulates parasympathetic nervous system - stimulates body to repair

  • improves efficiency of the transmission of nerve impulses

  • improves quality of sleep

  • reduces depression, stress and anxiety - decreases levels of cortisol (stress hormone) up to 53% and increases levels of serotonin and dopamine - neurotransmitters associated with positive mood, appetite and libido

  • enhances self-esteem, provides a sense of physical and mental well-being

  • releases endorphins which work as a natural painkillers and act very similarly to morphine

  • alleviates headaches

immune system:

  • strenghtens immune system function - stimulates the production of antibodies

urinary system:

  • improves elimination of urine

digestive system:

  • stimulates digestion - allows to properly metabolize necessary nutrients from the foods and get more energy out of them

  • alleviates constipation


  • improves the skin appearance

  • increases cellular nutrition and encourages cell regeneration

  • removes dead skin cells

  • improves the elasticity of the skin

weight loss:

  • supports weight loss indirectly - lower levels of cortisol decrease appetite and reduce accumulation of fat in the abdominal regions,

  • increased blood flow results in an increased metabolic rate, so your body can burn calories quicker;

  • helps in weight loss directly - helps to dissolve fat deposits.

Selection of natural massage oils.  Dorota Massage.

Swedish massage - what is this?

Swedish or classic massage is the most popular and well known type of massage, developed by swedish doctor Par Henrik Ling. Its main purpose is to relax muscles, increase blood oxygen level and remove toxins from body, providing relief from many health problems of the recipient. Massage therapist manipulates muscles, using hands, forearms and fingers to perform various techniques (e.g. kneading, friction, tapping, vibration).