Welcome to the best massage
in Ashford by Dorota

NEW! Wood therapy. Massage technique that uses variously shaped wooden tools, to help relax your mind and body. Experience instant reduction in physical and mental stress and tension. Improve your overall health. Please click here for more information.

New ASMR massage in Ashford! Reduce stress level and try amazing static-like and tingling sensation on the skin. Focus on personal attention, ambient sound and low-grade euphoria. Please click here for more information.


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Welcome to the best Ashford massage studio.

If you are looking for a professional body massage, which will totally relax you, help you to alleviate your back pain and reduce muscle tension - I am here to help you. My name is Dorota. I am qualified, fully insured and a trusted massage therapist. I hold a diploma in Art Of Massage, swedish massage and Acupressure massage. I provide my services to both male and female clients.


My studio is located in Ashford town centre and open 5 days a week. It is a small studio with a spa-like atmosphere. It's warm, quiet and cosy, filled with the natural aroma and relaxation music. My health-conscious customers use a regular treatments to relax and reduce various aches and pains without the use of painkillers.

Most of my clients opt for the  full body morning massage that lasts 80 minutes. Some people choose shorter sessions, during which I can focus on specific areas of body. The majority of men book a treatment for a weekend getaway and consider this as an affordable luxury.

Worried about your first visit? Find out what can you expect during your first visit and more about the benefits of swedish massage.

The main reasons to choose my studio over a spa:

  • appointment flexibility - same day appointment with a short-term cancellation,

  • you pay for the duration of your massage - not for the time of your visit,

  • no waiting for your treatment,

  • no hidden call charges for booking by telephone,

  • no additional charges for towels etc.,

  • professionalism.

Dorota Massage Studio interior.